Announces Open Invitation - Users Can Request a Cabin Invite and Optimize Their Social Media Experience, an innovative new way to make the most of social media, has today announced the rollout of their open invitation offer for users hoping to get in early and start maximizing their lives.  
  Online Sources (PRWEB) 4, November 2013 -, a dramatic new innovation in the use of social media for both personal and business needs, has today announced hopeful users can now request a Cabin invite and start enjoying the fascinating, powerful results available only through Social media use has skyrocketed. Today, more than 1 million websites integrate directly with Facebook. 23% of Facebook users check the site more than five times per day. 163 billion tweets have been sent since the birth of Twitter. Social media is here to stay, but making the most of the many platforms out there can be tough for both consumers and business users.
Social Cabin is the next generation of social media. It represents the only way to completely customize social business, social life and even students' social lives. According to co-founder Darya Momeni , " is unlike anything that's gone before - you won't find these capabilities with Facebook, LinkedIn or G+. It's a powerful, unique fusion of all social media outlets, plus something more. Users can struggle for hours to really make the most of their individual social media platforms (both personal and business), and it all too often ends in frustration. offers 'pure social media' in its truest sense." Darya is a high school student who advocates anti-bullying in social media. helps users answer the most important questions in their social media use. Personal users benefit by learning who they really want to interact with, what they're looking to add to their lives, who they truly want to talk to and interact with and more. Even high school and college students can maximize their use of social media.

However, isn't designed solely for personal users. Business users will find that this new platform offers them immense advantages. Businesses can learn whom they truly want to hire, where they can locate venture capital, and what their customers really think about the company, as well as where their audience is located to boost marketing and branding campaigns.
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About is the next generation of social media, providing consumers and business users with a dramatic, innovative way to maximize their use of all platforms. lets users customize their lives.
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